Kak Othman Mohammed Kader


Erbil, Iraq


2 Buildings
29 floors


  • Twin Electric Chute System
  • Automatic Bin Conveyors with Vertical Press Units


  • Chute Diameter: 600mm
  • Chute Material: 2.00mm Stainless Steel 304
  • Electrically Interlocking Self-Closing Hopper Doors
  • Automatic Brushing, Double Disinfection & Fan
  • 2x1100L Automatic Linear Conveyor & Vertical Press
  • Chute Height: 100 Meters



Bakhtiyari Twin Towers: Luxury Living Meets Smart Waste Management with DownWaste

Bakhtiyari Twin Towers, a paragon of luxury and connectivity in Erbil’s vibrant heart, offers residents an unparalleled living experience. DownWaste is proud to contribute to this vision by implementing a cutting-edge waste management system, featuring twin electric garbage chutes and automatic bin conveyors with vertical press units.


  • Twin Electric Chute System: Constructed from robust 2.00mm 304 stainless steel, these chutes ensure optimal durability and hygiene for waste disposal across 29 floors.
  • Automatic Bin Conveyors with Vertical Press Units: This innovative system compacts waste efficiently, minimizing collection frequency and maximizing space utilization.
  • Electrically Interlocking Self-Closing Hopper Doors: These doors promote effortless waste disposal while preventing odors and maintaining a clean environment.
  • Advanced Hygiene System: Automatic brushing, double disinfection, and a sound-insulated fan ensure exceptional sanitation and noise reduction.


  • Unmatched Convenience: Effortless waste disposal from individual floors streamlines the process for residents.
  • Enhanced Hygiene: The advanced cleaning system promotes a clean and odor-free environment throughout the building.
  • Sustainable Practices: DownWaste’s solutions contribute to Bakhtiyari Twin Towers’ commitment to eco-friendly living.
  • Modern Design Seamlessly Integrated: The system complements the towers’ aesthetic and functionality.

By integrating seamlessly with Bakhtiyari Twin Towers’ design, DownWaste’s system empowers residents to experience a luxurious and sustainable lifestyle. This collaboration exemplifies DownWaste’s dedication to fostering a cleaner future for residents and a more sustainable urban environment.

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