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Izmir, Turkey


Waste Disposal System



Izmir Luxury Redefined: DownWaste Installs Cutting-Edge Chute Technology

DownWaste’s engineers have expertly crafted and installed state-of-the-art 700mm stainless steel, sound-insulated chutes with electrically interlocking foot pedal operated doors for Izmir’s most exclusive multi-storey villa project. This luxury development boasts the most advanced waste disposal systems, including brush cleaning devices that traverse the chute’s length and rubber backdraft baffles. These innovations ensure a seamless, hygienic, and efficient garbage removal process, eliminating the need for manual contact with the disposal unit and significantly enhancing the building’s overall safety and sanitation standards.


  • Chute System: Crafted with a diameter of 700mm and constructed from 1.5mm Stainless Steel, ensuring durability and optimal performance.
  • Sound Insulation: 2mm Sound insulation painting creates a tranquil living environment for residents.
  • Hopper Doors: Equipped with Self-Closing 3D Volume Controlled Foot Operated Doors featuring Electrically Interlocking Switches and LED Indicator Lights.
  • Accessories: Includes Automatic Brushing, Electric Disinfection, and Fan systems for maintaining optimal chute hygiene.
  • Chute Height: Reaching 50 metres, servicing 11 floors for comprehensive waste disposal.

By integrating these advanced features, DownWaste has played a pivotal role in creating a modern and sustainable living experience in Izmir, setting a new standard for urban waste management.

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