The Kuwait Ministry of Health


Kuwait City, Kuwait


• Pneumatic Waste & Recycling Chute System
• Laundry Collection System



DownWaste Transforms Waste Management at the Kuwait Cancer Center

DownWaste’s commitment to comprehensive solutions for leading healthcare facilities is exemplified at the Kuwait Cancer Center (KCC), the largest cancer care facility in the MENA region. We implemented a two-pronged approach, installing state-of-the-art, fully automated systems: a cutting-edge pneumatic waste and recycling chute system alongside a dedicated automated laundry collection system. This integrated approach significantly contributes to the KCC’s pursuit of LEED silver certification, underscoring their dedication to both environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.


Automated Waste & Recycling Chute System:

  • High-performance design utilizes 500mm diameter chutes constructed from 1.5mm stainless steel for optimal durability.
  • Smart sorting technology with self-closing 3D volume-controlled hopper doors equipped with press buttons facilitates intuitive waste and recycling separation.

Automated Laundry Collection System:

  • Dedicated network of chutes ensures proper laundry handling and hygiene.
  • The pneumatic system efficiently transports laundry through a separate network to designated collection points, minimizing manual handling.


Waste & Recycling System

  • Streamlined waste management through central collection via a pneumatic network.
  • Promotes sustainable practices by supporting the KCC’s waste segregation and recycling goals.

Laundry Collection System:

  • Improves operational efficiency by automating laundry collection, freeing up staff for patient care.
  • Maintains high hygiene standards throughout the facility with dedicated laundry chutes.

By implementing these innovative waste management solutions, DownWaste empowered the KCC to prioritize both environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. The KCC project serves as a model for future healthcare facilities, demonstrating the positive impact of advanced technology on patient care and environmental responsibility.

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