downwaste self tipping containers


Our self-tipping containers are designed for versatility and safety, accommodating a range of materials including heavy metal waste, press burrs, and abrasive materials like marble, granite, and ceramics. Engineered for performance, these containers are your reliable partner in handling even the most challenging waste with ease.




Seamless Unloading Efficiency
The intelligent design centres on gravity-assisted unloading, ensuring that the disposal process is both smooth and effortless. Our containers are equipped with an ideal loading centre, promoting flawless operation with natural gravitational forces.

Innovative Tipping Mechanism
Experience the difference with our tipping mechanism. It ensures that unloading is not only efficient but also controlled, preventing spills, and ensuring a clean work environment.

Operator Convenience
With our user-centric approach, operators can easily empty the container from the comfort of their seat, either by pulling a chain or using the convenient front opening pedal. This flexibility allows for disposal at varying heights, suiting diverse operational needs.

Strength and Durability
Constructed with a reinforced frame and chassis, our containers promise a secure containment of waste, providing peace of mind in the disposal process. Its galvanized lids and robust epoxy inner coatings, enhancing durability and longevity. Keep your waste secure and your operations running smoothly.

Match Your Brand, Reflect Your Style

Choose from a wide range of distinctive colors to personalize your container and seamlessly integrate it with your factory’s unique style and branding.