The key to recycling is source segregation and proper handling of different types of waste. Separating with containers will not only enable the recycling but it will also make the waste management easier as tins, glass, paper and cardboard, organic wet waste and remains are collected separately. DownWaste garbage trolley bins are easy to operate inside your building with convenient handlebars and heavy duty caster wheels.

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Durable, lightweight and easy to clean HDPE waste containers ease the handling of waste as produced by compact injection moulding process. A lightweight alternative to Hot Dip Galvanized metal trolleys, HDPE bins are convenient to handle many types of waste and recyclables.


down waste bin size drawing
down waste bin size drawing
down waste bin size drawing
down waste bin size drawing
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downwaste trolley size drawing
downwaste trolley size drawing
downwaste trolley size drawing
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Municipality type Heavy Duty Hot Dip Galvanized waste trolleys convenient for open air shopping centres, industrial zones, petrol stations, recreation areas, sports areas long lasting under extreme weather conditions.



Trolleys & Bins are integral components of waste management in buildings, designed for the efficient transport and storage of waste materials. Trolleys, or mobile carts, facilitate the easy movement of bins, which are containers for collecting waste. These systems work together to streamline the process of waste collection and disposal, improving cleanliness and sanitation in various settings.
Any establishment generating waste needs a robust system for its management. Trolleys & Bins are essential for hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, and residential complexes where the efficient collection and transportation of waste are critical to maintaining hygiene standards.
There are various types of trolleys and bins, each designed for specific types of waste and settings. They range from small wheelie bins for offices to large containers for industrial waste. Specialized trolleys are also available for hazardous waste, ensuring safe transport within the premises.
Trolleys & Bins are crucial for effective waste management as they allow for the segregation, collection, and transport of waste in a hygienic manner. They help in reducing direct contact with waste, thereby minimizing health risks and promoting a cleaner environment.
A dustbin is typically a smaller container used for holding daily waste, often found in households and offices. A waste bin is a broader term that can include larger containers used for various types of waste, including industrial and construction waste.
Garbage trolleys and bins comes with a 2 years Downwaste mechanical warranty, which assures the customer of the product’s durability and functionality for a certain period after purchase.
Commercial bins, also known as dumpsters, are large containers used by businesses for the disposal of a substantial amount of waste, typically made of metal or heavy-duty plastic.
Industrial bins come in various sizes, typically ranging from 3 cubic meters to 30 cubic meters or more, to accommodate the large quantities of waste produced by industrial activities.

For a precise quote on trolleys and bins, please contact us with details regarding the types and quantities of waste, as well as the specific requirements of the waste management system in place.