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downwaste waste management plan
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Waste Management Plan

DownWaste offers a sophisticated waste management plan based on your specific needs. This is a unique report starts with a survey identifying your waste profile based on the activities and availabilities in your premises. This report anticipates the waste generation for each stream and offers long term solutions within a sustainability program.


The waste profile of buildings differs according to the consumption habits and commercial activities that are provided. Waste calculation is a unique report based on a survey of your building and will provide the most reliable data concerning the waste services by identifying the waste streams and volume. This report not only constitutes the groundwork for the list of equipment, workforce and the area required, but it also offers alternative waste management models for substantiality and efficiency concerns.


Minimise the environmental impacts of the operations of the development by diversifying the waste from landfill, correct storage, transport of materials, and segregation of materials into the appropriate management streams.


Ensuring the waste is managed properly to avoid downtime, odour and litter.


Generate income for your building from your recyclable materials by implementing systems that help tenants segregate appropriate recyclable materials.


By connecting the inseparable services together, we are transforming the residents’ waste disposal habits, increasing the amount of properly separated materials generated in your building to enhance efficiency and profitability.


All tenants will receive information regarding the waste collection systems including how to use them, as well as which items are appropriate for each stream and collection regimes.


In keeping with the best practice programs, all waste areas, reuse areas and waste and recycling bins should be clearly differentiated through appropriate markings and colour coding to local Standards to reflect the materials contained.


A waste and recycling performance report is provided to tenants on a quaterly bases for awareness of areas to improve.


Once the waste is properly stored in your collection area, it is ready for its final pickup and subsequent transfer offsite. Our network of the local waste and recycling contractors will be ready to work with you for the periodic transfer of the waste and recyclables either to the landfill or to a recycling plant.


To assist building management in achieving effective waste and recycling management,
we provide a comprehensive set of equipment.

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