The Durable & Efficient Construction Waste Solution. Downwaste Metal Debris Chutes set the new standard for construction waste disposal, offering enhanced durability far beyond typical plastic chutes. Our steel plate construction not only ensures longevity but also guarantees a safer disposal method for construction site debris.

metal debris construction chutes downwaste

Metal Debris Chute Structure

Each 125 cm straight metal unit weighs just 10 kg and can be securely fastened to each door with a chain ring. Transport and installation are streamlined – chutes are prepared at ground level and swiftly installed using a crane.

DownWaste's Cutting-Edge Debri Chute System Expedites Construction at Oasis Villa

soft case construction chutes downwaste

Soft-Case Chutes
for Renovation Works

For lower-rise buildings in the city center, we present our innovative Collapsible Debris Chute. Crafted from robust poly woven fabric, this lightweight solution simplifies setup. The initial intake module is all that’s required for installation, attaching easily to a window.

Straps on each chute allow for secure connection of additional sections, offering shortening options for precise height control. These softcase chutes are supplied in 3 units of 100cm sections.