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Our mechanical laundry chutes are the preferred choice for luxury hotels and private villas, prized for their long-term reliability and low maintenance demands. Available in both painted steel and stainless steel, these chutes are designed for Quick and effortless installation.
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Laundry Chute Structure

Downwaste manufactures seamlessly welded chute trunks that ensure safe and effortless delivery of your sheets and towels to the laundry room.

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A quiet system for convenience in your building or hotel. The chutes are fixed to floors with hot dip galvanized brackets equipped with anti-vibration rubber pads. All outer surfaces of the chute are coated with a sound dampening material.

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Ergonomic Door Design

Our doors are created for ease of use and operational comfort. Choose from fully electrostatic painted or stainless-steel doors in 304 or 316 grade, meeting UL 90 minute fire ratings for up to 180 minutes. The heavy-duty positive latching handles ensure a secure closure every time.

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Laundry chutes removes the hassle of carrying bulky laundry to the laundry room, reducing the time required for handling the laundry. 





18”x18” (450x450mm)

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Our continuously welded chutes feature smooth, interlocking male-female connections throughout for a snag-free interior surface. We recommend 600mm diameter, 1.5mm thick S 304 grade stainless steel (standard option) for its superior resistance to alkalis, acids, and humidity commonly found in laundry environments. Other diameters (300mm and 450mm) are also available to perfectly suit your needs.

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1⁄2”Glass Bulb Fire Sprinklers with connector thread, standard response pendant type with actuating temperature 72° C and complies with NFPA 13. The sprinklers must be located at alternative floors and at the top of the chute as per NFPA Code 82.

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You can throw clothes down the chute as they will land safely in your basket. This convenient mechanism is equipped with a required fire rated top hinged stainless steel discharge door that is held open with an U.L. approved Fusible link set at 72° C.

Laundry chutes are designed to manage laundry in any multi-story establishment, allowing for quick and easy disposal of laundry by occupants and safe and efficient removal of that laundry via chute by the caretaking staff. DownWaste® chutes are technically superior, clean, quiet, and environmentally conscious solution to laundry disposal.

Hotels, student accommodations, serviced apartments, eldercare units, hospitals can greatly benefit from laundry chutes.

The laundry chutes can be with electric strike doors or completely mechanical doors. While the mechanical doors without the electric controls practically the same, it is not convenient to limit the access to these doors instantly. In other words, laundry chutes with electric strike allows instant locking of the doors at other floors when one doors is opened, when the receptive rolltainer is full, or during electricity cuts or cases of fire.

Handling of bulky laundry can be a challenging task for a hotel or a building. Without a laundry chute, the hard work can be more than just a hassle. Bringing the laundry to the laundry collection room from a service elavator would increase the labor and energy costs dramatically.

We offer a variety of steel chute solutions which are quick and easy to install. A quiet system for convenience in your building or hotel. The chutes are fixed to floors with hot dip galvanized brackets equipped with anti-vibration rubber pads. All outer surfaces of the chute are coated with a sound dampening material. Our doors and dampers are 90mins UL Fire Rated and the standard systems are equipped with automatic electric strike locks for safety of the residents and building operators.

Laundry chutes are shaped from stainless steel 304 or 316, with a minimum thickness of 1.5mm, fully factory-assembled and all linear joints are automatic continuous TIG welded. The intake doors are bolted in place on throats formed into the chute. All chute sections shall flash inside the sections below and there are no bolts, clips, or other projections inside the chute to snag the flow of material.

Pre-positioned support frames assure proper intake levels and there are no expansion joints in the chute between all support joints.

Discharge offsets, where required, are reinforced and separately supported in the impact area.

Yes, as far as the buildings are designed suitably considering the accessible chute slab and the discharge area.
Fully equipped recycling chutes should cost less than 1500$ per floor in a typical 10 floor building.
Since the laundry chutes are not used for disposal of wet or dirty objects like garbage, the building of malodor inside the chute would take longer. Nonetheless, the chutes are equipped with the exhaust fans and the cleaning systems to prevent such problems.