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waste bin feed and press

Bin Feed & Press

Bin Feed & Press is the ultimate solution for the hassle of replacing bins so often. The automatic operation cycles all the waste bins and only requires staff once all the bins are pressed and completely full, saving space and reducing the workload and number of trolleys required to manage your waste.

Commercial Waste Bin Feed & Press System


This system is designed to be completely safe, quiet, and efficient. It can be used in any existing building that has available space in the waste room.


Less time spent on the changing trolleys and monitoring the bins, more time for the staff to concentrate on other activities.



We designed a quiet and sophisticated system to manage your waste automatically. The bin feed is isolated with rubber pads and works silently.


The system is engineered for ultimate safety and simplicity. All moving parts are completely closed to prevent any hazards.

The vertical press cycles automatically with proximity sensors when the receptive bin is full, maximizing the eciency. The Bin and Press system is automated ingeniously to prevent any hazards and it automatically locks all the chute doors during compaction or moving the bins.

For the existing manual chutes, the bin press is equipped with a guillotine plate that closes the chute discharge during to compaction, preventing the falling objects from damaging the unit during its operation.



bin feed chart


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downwaste 3 bin carrier
downwaste 4 bin carrier
downwaste 5 bin carrier
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