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32 Lethbridge St, Penrith
New South Wales, Australia


• Twin Chutes
• Hoppers with Electric Disinfection & Fan Systems
• Automatic Conveyors
• Prolitec Odor control Technology



The Atrium: Modern Living Meets Sustainable Waste Management with DownWaste

Nestled in the vibrant Penrith area of New South Wales, The Atrium promises a living experience that elevates urban living. With elegantly designed one, two, and three-bedroom apartments featuring modern finishes and an emphasis on natural light, this boutique development prioritizes both style and comfort. DownWaste is proud to be a part of this vision, integrating a state-of-the-art waste management system that seamlessly blends with The Atrium’s commitment to modern living and sets a new standard for sustainability within urban environments.


  • Six strategically placed twin chutes for waste and recycling.
  • 50mm Foiled Rockwool insulation for minimized noise generation.
  • Self-closing 3D volume-controlled hoppers with electric disinfection and fan systems.
  • Automatic conveyors (2x660L & 2x1100L) for efficient waste transport.
  • Chutes servicing all five floors (22 meters) for comprehensive disposal.
  • Prolitec AQ590 odor control technology for a fresh and inviting atmosphere.


  • Discreet and efficient waste disposal minimizes clutter and ensures a pleasant aesthetic.
  • Tranquil living environment with minimal noise disruption from the waste management system.
  • Enhanced hygiene and odor control for a clean and healthy living space.
  • Streamlined waste management optimizes building maintenance and resident convenience.
  • Sustainable urban development through responsible waste management practices.


Through this innovative solution, DownWaste contributes to The Atrium’s commitment to modern living and sets a new standard for sustainable waste management within urban developments. The result: a harmonious blend of elegance, functionality, and environmental responsibility.

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