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Mechanical Laundry Chute System



Lawson Terraces Maximizes Living Space with DownWaste Laundry Chutes

Lawson Terraces, a luxurious development of expansive north-facing townhomes in Naremburn,  features architecturally designed internal courtyards that complement the spacious kitchens, creating an atmosphere of elegance and functionality. DownWaste partnered with Lawson Terraces to implement a custom-designed laundry chute system seamlessly integrated within each townhome.


  • Custom-Designed Chutes: Each laundry chute is meticulously designed to fit seamlessly within the layout of the Lawson Terraces townhomes, ensuring optimal space utilization.
  • Discreet Integration: The chutes are designed to blend harmoniously with the aesthetics of the townhomes, maintaining the overall sophisticated design.
  • Efficient Laundry Removal: The laundry chute system facilitates effortless laundry disposal from upper floors directly to designated collection areas, streamlining laundry removal for residents.


  • Enhanced Living Experience: The convenient laundry chute system contributes to a more comfortable and hassle-free living experience for Lawson Terraces residents.
  • Space Optimization: The chute system eliminates the need for bulky laundry hampers or baskets, maximizing valuable living space within the townhomes.
  • Maintained Design Integrity: The discreet integration of the chutes preserves the elegant aesthetic of the Lawson Terraces development.

By implementing DownWaste’s custom-designed laundry chute system, Lawson Terraces prioritizes resident convenience and space optimization, all while maintaining the project’s design excellence. This collaboration exemplifies DownWaste’s commitment to developing innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate into high-end residential developments.

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