Ecomondo Exhibitions

Ecomondo 2021 International Fair for Waste, Resources & Energy – Rimini, Italy

DownWaste “Urban Disposal Solutions” – “Solutions and Devices for the Urban World”, is an international company specialized in providing waste disposal infrastructure for modern cities around the  world.

Our company offers a complete set of high-quality products for residential, commercial, and other buildings. These applications include internal drop and transport systems for buildings, bins, baylers, laundry containers and internal and external slides for easy disposal of waste of any type, tables for internal selection and the latest generation hydraulic presses for the management of all types of recyclable and non-recyclable materials, as well as compactors, bins, balers and trolleys of all shapes, materials, and sizes. For the construction sector including builders, we provide innovative solutions for the management of construction waste such as modular slides in reusable materials, extremely flexible and eco-sustainable. We assure our clients assistance. guarantees as well as continuous checks of all our solutions.  This allows the correct storage and management of waste to obtain the best results in terms of environmental protection and health protection, always with a view to sustainable evolution all within reach of the customer and custom made in every aspect. The company has production facilities located in Oman and Turkey, where our team of engineers designs and manufactures our complete line of products and management equipment, performing constant research on materials and possible solutions. We work and operate with permanent offices located in Qatar, UAE and UK and export our products to several overseas markets.

We believe that the first step towards a green future is to work to bring about a change in consumers’ attitudes towards waste and the world linked to it, encouraging them to adopt a more responsible and positive attitude towards the management of the same and providing them with a convenient system that will directly benefit them and the entire planet. The products we supply allow all types of communities to enhance their waste materials in economic terms, thus defining an economic market value towards third parties, thus bypassing the conventional model of urban waste that excludes the primary producer from any subsequent management phases. Our systems not only generate new sources of income for communities, but also reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill, which in turn is beneficial for helping to solve the global waste problem.

Down waste’s participation in Ecomondo 2021 as guests of the Eco.Ser Company. S.r.l., which has been operating for more than 25 years in the field of waste management and environmental protection, has clearly and unequivocally demonstrated the importance of Italy as an undisputed leader in technology and solutions for the global problem of waste both from the point of view of technical and logistical aspects as well as an active human capital resource. We remain at your disposal to create solid a collaboration and business relationships with the principle Italian companies in the sector in order to build a better future for us and for the future generations.